The Eagle's Tear

   A Greek Contemporary Opera in 3 Acts, Composer: Sotiria Adam,


Ten years ago soldiers broke into John’s house and killed his

parents. Since then John has lived isolated, in an imaginary world he has created,with only his grandfather, a professor of theology.

As a second war begins, memories resurface. John, influenced by the

philosophical and theological theories of his grandfather, feels compelled to go back in time, to the same night, to the very instant just before his parents were killed. His grandfather encourages his effort, sympathizing with him, since he is desperate too.

The new situation parallels the one in the past. A war rages and a soldier breaks into the house seeking shelter. John and the soldier are going to revive the past in a unique experience. The soldier will repent for every death he has caused.

John finds his mother again as a desperate woman enters the house to

hide as well. Her son has been killed, so she has strapped dynamite to herself and is ready for an act of revenge. But she falls under the spell of John’s return to the past, follows him there—and realizes, how atrocious is the revenge she’s planning.

She forgives and her forgiveness brings redemption, and an atmosphere of love, repentance and forgiveness envelops them.

The soldier and the woman become John’s parents. The war rages again, but they manage to escape, thus John does, finally, save his parents.

Soloists :

Ioannis-Maria Lymberakou-Soprano,

Mother-Fotini Kostopoulou-Soprano,

Soldier-Anastasios Stellas-Tenor,

Grand Father-Stavros Zouliatis-Tenor.

Director: Stella Arkenti

Director of photography:Yannis Laskaris

Costumes: Katerina Kabaneli

Make-up artist: Sofia Nikolopoulou