I, Yannoulis Chalepas (1851 1938)



He was one of the greatest sculptors of the 20th century.

He was considered as the contemporary Pheidias.

His life became a unique example of artistic pathos,

ιn his struggle to give life to clay he sacrificed his own self.

He entered into the prison of the Titans, the deepest caves of Earth,

to cleanse his consciousness and learn the ineffable mysteries

of Divine Will, to learn how does matter turn into spirit

And then he came back to our world to reveal to us the Divine Harmony.


His work is divided into two periods.

Classic Period 1871-1877 ( 20 -26 years old)

Modern Period 1918-1938 (67-87 years old)

Director's Note

The film deals with Yannoulis Chalepas personal struggle against

Bavarian Classicism on his way towards his personal creative fulfillment.

The need to assimilate ancient Hellenic art in parallel to Byzantine technique

becomes an immense effort to render ethos and style which is Hellenic and

at the same time modern.

The dialogues are almost all of them Chalepas own words. The narrative

of the film relies on the same myths which were the great sculptor’s concern

and became important steps in his life.

The style of the film follows this Hellenic line, which is Doric in presentation

and slow in rhythm like Byzantine music which entraps us in the spiritual world

of this unique creator and allows us to experience the greatness....

Ligth Design : Antonis Papayotipoulos

Director of Pfotography : Nectarios Souldatos

Director of Pfotography B' Yiannis Laskaris

Costume-Set disign-sculptures : Dimitris Skalkotos

Sound Design-Sound Editing-Music : Sotiria Adam

Director-Screenplay-Montage-Cadrage- Producer : Stella ΑRKENTI.



Giannoulis Chalepas Mather  : Ioanna Gavakou.

Giannoulis Chalepas : (old)  Thanassis Papathanasiou

                  (young) : Takis Vogopoulos 

                  (boy) : Zaxarias Filippotis

Afentaki : Marina Koreli

Executive Produser : Kiki Filippoti 

Make-up artist : Sofia Nikolopoulou